Copy Sheets in Google Sheets

Sometimes you want to use a Google Sheet as a template, but when you go to copy it, the formatting looks all funny.
Fortunately, it is very easy to copy Sheets in Google Sheets. All you need to do is right-click on the tab and select duplicate. After that, you will have a duplicate of the sheet in your spreadsheet you wanted to copy.

Although this is a little counterintuitive, it is very easy.

Create Canned Emails in Gmail

One thing [of many] I am trying to get better at is to contact parents when student behavior is good. Ideally, I want the ratio to be tilted towards the positive messages home. 
To make it easier on myself, I set up a canned message in Gmail. 
A canned message is a template to use for emails that are similar. 
To set up a canned email message:
1. Open a new message.

2. Click the three dots and select canned messages

3. In the following menu select New canned response

4. Enter a new response name

5. When you are ready to use the response, open a new email, select the three dots, and select the response you want to use

Use Google Translate For Websites

Translating websites using Google Translate is easy.

Simply copy the URL and paste it into Google Translate. Then, click the link.

I prefer this method to having Chrome automatically translate my pages since there are times when I want to see the native Japanese on a site.

I also want to try keeping my extensions under control, but the Google Translate extension is another option.

Google Extension: Sir Links-a-Lot

Did you know that there are more ways to share files than those listed by Google? 
View Only Editing Rights Force Copy (change the end of the URL from edit to copy) Template (change the end of the URL to template/preview)
That's a lot to remember.
The Chrome Extension Sir Links-a-Lot makes sharing Google files easy. Just click the extension, and choose how you want to share the link.

Gmail: Enable Undo Send

Have you ever sent an email and wish you could take it back? Did you know Gmail has a function to unsend an email?

Enabling the undo send function in Gmail will let you undo a sent email for up to 30 seconds. 

To enable undo send:

1. Click on the settings in the inbox (the gear icon)

2. Click settings.

In the Settings menu under the General tab, Undo Send is the fifth option down. Select how long you want to have befor your emails are sent.

Convert PDFs Easily with PDF Candy

Ever have a document in PDF format but wanted it in some other form but there wasn't anything you could do?

Now you can!

PDF Candy is a website that allows you to convert PDFs to almost any other format. It also gives you the option to edit PDfs.